The civic association DRNKA is a non-governmental, non-profit civic association, aimed at the realisation and support of various public activities in the village of Drnovice and the surrounding region. DRNKA came into being as a result of long-term informal activities among groups of inhabitants and friends of Drnovice. Formally, DRNKA dates from 1999. At present there are almost 80 members. The association is mainly aimed at nature conservation and landscape protection, together with revitalisation of social and cultural activities in the village and its region. In this field, DRNKA endeavours to apply novel approaches.

Nature conservation and landscape protection, just as with revitalisation of social and cultural activities, begins by mapping and documenting historic features and traits in the community and its site. In this research activity, we enjoy co-operation of a number of regional experts. This co-operation has resulted in the publication of a well-designed book, „Drnovice: nature, history, present“, issued in 2004 on the 900th anniversary of the first written mention of Drnovice. Even the co-operation with local folk-memory is invaluable. Mr Miroslav Daněk, the legendary local nature conservationist and poet, is our permanent source of information and inspiration. In 2001 we issued a collection of his poetry concerned with regional topics.

So far, our greatest action in nature conservation was the revitalisation of a nearby wetland. In 2000, we cleaned its pools, thereby renewing its ecological function in the landscape. Since then, we have been looking after this wetland and its large population of amphibians. Each spring, we have been organising ecological excursions to this place to underline the importance of this unique habitat.

It is our endeavour to address even wider public circles through our activities. The purpose of regular public exhibition, which take place three times a year, is to point out the local features of natural as well as cultural interest that contribute to creating the unmistakable local character. The exhibitions have already become the meeting place for many people interested in our region.

Civic association DRNKA
Křivda 171
683 04 Drnovice
Czech Republic
phone: +420 517 353 418
E-mail: drnka@tiscali.cz